5 Easy Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

It was the summer of ‘95, on a bright Sunday morning when she came home for the first time. My bundle of joy! She changed the atmosphere around everybody. We knew that we had to alter our usual routine around her. My husband quit smoking, after 2 years of tiresome coaxing and I quit my firm where I had worked for 8 years diligently to be a full-time mom. It was all worth it.  Within a blink of an eye she turned two and I decided to go back to work. I lined up a few interviews and began my preparation.

On the morning of my interview, to my surprise, my “lucky dress” did not go beyond my neck. I was shattered. At what point, in the last two years, did I forget to take care of myself? I decided to take matters into my own hands. While surfing on the internet, I realized that there were many other mothers who went through the same. These are my easy fitness tips for busy moms that help me fit back into that lucky dress.

1. Do What You Love

Nobody expects you to hit the gym every day, but doing something you love like gardening can help lose the extra weight. Even daily chores like mopping, washing the car, etc. can you help you lose more weight than you’d imagined! Any activity you pick up has to be intensive and of your interest so it’s not just a compulsion, but something that you enjoy. The most important thing is to stay active and not lethargic. Monitor what you eat, stay motivated, stay positive and you’ll notice the change sooner than later.

2. Get Accountability

One thing I noticed was how the birth of my daughter created a void between my friends and me and not because I did not enjoy their company, but because I was busy. Partnering with a friend to exercise is a great excuse to catch up what I missed in the last two years, as well as have accountability to keep up the hard work.  Not only will getting out for a workout be a change of surroundings that’ll obviously keep you in a better mood, but the calories you burn while jogging or simply walking will help you drop that extra weight gradually.

3. Focus On The Major 4

The big four include- squats, pushups, lunges and planks. At first they may seem too much, but begin slowly. Go for 5 per day and gradually increase it to a 50 or more. Setting a fixed timetable always helps––maybe in the afternoon, when everybody is asleep! Or early in the morning would also do. Make sure you fit your schedule accordingly.

Remember not to overdo it. Let your body slowly, but consistently adjust to the new routine that you’ve set for yourself and listen to your body. Nobody else knows what’s best for you. If you’d rather rest one day than workout, just do it!

4. Cut Down Sugar And Caffeine

If you’re not that big on rigorous workouts, the simplest thing you can do is cut back from a few unhealthy habits like alcohol, too much sugar, caffeine, smoking, etc. By slowly eliminating unhealthy habits and food, you will naturally feel more active and energetic than before. You can even take the extra step of starting to exercise, at this stage.

In our daily routine, strict dieting is nearly impossible but is also unnecessary. Merely avoiding excessively oily, fatty and sweet foods will make big changes in your body. It’s important to take a nutritious diet every day and not stay hungry. Make it a point to pre-cook healthy snacks so you’re not starving and don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

5. Get creative

When it comes to exercising, it helps to get creative. It could be something as simple as holding your baby and dancing. And if you are used to strength training, then strap in a joey, and carry your baby around while squatting or walking. She could be the weight lifting you do.

As a mom, if you include your baby into your daily healthcare regime, not only will you enjoy all the extra time with your little one but you’ll also love the bi-product- a healthy, self-loving mama!